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Saturday, 31 October 2015

When is the best time to wear your thong on P.E. days

If you've just started out wearing thongs you'll soon come to realise you can't always get it right on PE days. To avoid unwanted attention and not stand out in the changing rooms its best to wear the least obvious pair of knickers for P.E. and when it's time to remove your school trousers or skirt all eyes won't be on you.

But as you head through high school fashion changes very quickly and you'll soon pick up what your friends are wearing with gossip and current fashion trends in the high street. So a transition from wearing your regular knickers to thongs will be unnoticed.

But before you do, feel out the changing room for a few weeks so you get a complete picture of what people are wearing so you know your thong won't stand out. But it certainly won't be a good idea to show up wearing a hot pink g-string or a lime green thong when you want to keep to yourself when undressing. Keep it simple with a white or black thong or choose neutral colours.

Big knickers for starting out in high school 

For every girl who starts big school it's highly likely she'll be wearing her big knickers on her first P.E. day without a care in the world. Girls start high school in the UK six to seven weeks later after leaving primary school. So, the transition is very short from skipping and jumping in the playground to acting mature around your peers in high school.

Thongs for later in school

Later, things do start taking a turn as pre-teen girls mature and fashion changes as they turn to teenagers from year 8 and up. At this stage girls on average 12 to 13 years old become drawn to current fashions and full victim to peer pressure. This is when they will become exposed to there friends underwear choices and the only things that girls at this time of life want to wear is thongs and g-string.

How did you behave on your first P.E. day - thongs or knickers - or did you hide in the toilet cubicle or keep your bum firmly on the bench. Share your comments below.

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