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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Top 10 things girls go through wearing your first thong for a week

There will come a time the need to start wearing thongs more often - or alteast try one to see how it feels. But whether you're just a teenager or a professional adult women, the first week of wearing a thong is a daunting experience but a personal one all first-time thong wearers go through.

Wearing first thong for a week

1. Feeling the need to pick a wedgie

It's very unlikely but if you bought the perfect pair of thongs first time the need to pick a wedgy from out of your butt can be avoided. But, for first-time thong wearers the first thong you purchased is not always the right one and this leads to the wedgie feeling.

To avoid this - just like regular panties - be absolutely sure the thong is appropriate such as no string kinds and no lace. Just a simple light cotton thong made with soft seams and a little less material up the bum.

2. They're uncomfortable

The truth of the matter is thongs are NOT uncomfortable in the slightest, and should be just as comfortable as your favourite pair of panties. It's very easy to go out and pick a thong from the discount bin or pull any one off the shelve but careful planning must go into your thong purchases - and it doesn't hurt to try a few types.

3. Peeking over my pants/skirt and becoming visible

You'll soon discover as a thong wearer you will become part of the fashion faux pas of the 00's. But the truth of the matter is sooner or later your thong will become visible above your pants or skirt. Over time you'll know which pants and skirts work best but starting out wearing thongs they just might show up above a low-cut pair of jeans or a loose fitting skirt.

But before you know which clothes work best and which outfits to avoid to prevent the whaletail look, always be on guard, reaching around your lower back to check your thong hasn't become visible to the world. But most of all be sure to check in a full length mirror in your house before leaving.

It's does take practice, but once you've nailed the advice above your thong will always stay in your pants.

4. Your personal hygiene requires more attention

Yes, unfortunately were on that topic but its an issue for us all but lets not dwell on it to much. When you start the day with a good poop and shower or bath there's nothing better than feeling fresh for the day ahead. But once in a while toilet time comes later in the day or you will have to make a visit again.

That's when the feeling of ruining your thong comes to mind but is mustn't because good personal hygiene will keep your thong - and your bum - clean and fresh for the rest of the day. Just wipe like you've never wiped before and carry some scented wet wipes in your handbag to freshen your bum up after wiping - it really does feel fresh again.

5. They don't work with some of my favourite clothes

Most of our wardrobes very but we do have a few things in common - we have a similar wardrobe for going out and staying in.

For young girls the issue of thongs not working with your favourite clothes today might just be an issue. Things like leggings and lowcut jeans are a hot bed for your thong to become visible over the jeans or see through in the leggings.

The young adult to the maturer ladies current fashion trends might just keep you wearing your favourite clothes. The higher cut jeans, high waisted skirts and longer tops will help conceal your thong.

6. Going back to regular panties when on your period

It only takes less than a week to become comfortable wearing thongs but as as time goes on you'll know once you go back to trying your regular panties/knickers they will actually will feel like a diaper and take some getting used to again (like the feeling you had to getting used to thongs). So this does mean if you wear pads or sanitary towels you need to keep a pair or two of regular panties for it to fit. Fortunately, if you wear tampons just carry on wearing thongs as normal.

7. Worried the wind would blow up your skirt or dress

Sometimes us girls take daring risks for fashion and there's always atleast one skirt that is prone to catching the slighest gust of wind. You've started wearing thongs but this doesn't mean you have to stop wearing your favourite mini skirt or dress. It's all about being careful when going out and making sure there's no wind.

8. Peoples negative opinions on your underwear choices

Females, mostly your peers in school or your work colleagues might have a negative opinion about thongs and the type of people who wear them without realising you're now a thong wearer. This is just there opinion and if you have the courage to say so tell them straight you're a thong wearer and so are some of your close friends - that should keep them quiet.

For most females, your own mother and family members are likely to have a negative say on your choice to start wearing thongs and that is why some girls wear thongs without there mom knowing.

9. Paranoid someone could see your thong

If you're a shy girl then you'll certainly be scared someone will see your thong and say something to you. And even though your thong can become visible in many ways the being paranoid about it is a natural thing for first time thong wearers and the feeling will settle down as time passes.

10. Keeping your thong underwear from view

If you've made the switch to thongs for the first time your shyness might come through again and you will certainly do all you can to keep your thong out of sight. When wearing a thong naturally you try to keep them inside your pants and not showing off to the world.

But when the thong is off and in the laundry basket you'll feel the need to push them down in the washing and out of view from family members. In your bedroom you just might keep your skimpy thongs out of sight in the back of your underwear drawer even though no one looks there. Finally, when sitting on the toilet you'll now change your habit and feel the need to keep your thong around your knees hidden behind your pants and not around your ankles.

What was your most common issues during the first week switching from regular panties to thongs, let us know below. 

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