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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Miley Cyrus explicit red thong body photoshoot

Recent photo's have imerged online of Miley Cyrus wearing the most explicit red thong bodysuit you could ever imagine, leaving the former teen star's current fans and parents horrified.

Last November the Hannah Montana star turned 21, but it's hard to believe how much she's changed, and the path she has chosen. Last week Miley Cyrus photoshoot with American photographer Terry Richardson (rumoured to be her new boyfriend) revealed the most shocking pictures of herself to be published online, since former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens exposed photo of herself in a thong and bra.

Miley is a keen  fan of the thong body as revealed 3 years ago in a post of ours of Miley Cyrus wearing thong leotard well she performed live at the House of Blues. The last set of photo's and a YouTube video revealing Miley's black thong body only exposing a whaletail as it's known, but this photoshoot has taken it a step to for. More photo's exposed of this photo shoot reveal Miley pulling up the front part of the thong body to expose her pubic area.

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