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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

You can buy 6 pairs of girls thongs age 8-9 year olds

I found this set of girls thongs well researching the youngest pair of girls thongs available to buy online. I discovered on eBay this set of 6 pairs of girls thongs age 8 to 9 year olds. The colours range from pink, white, red, blue, dark pink, and black which I find inappropriate myself. I don't think young girls as young as 8 should be wearing black underwear whether it's a thong or regular knickers.

The thong is purely designed to suite a young with the cute hearts and the ribbon on the front. The back of these thongs (as shown) are larger where the smaller trianglar part is in the maturer women's thong. And the bit that goes in the bum is much wider but with less thong bit so young girls only have these thongs going half the way through rather than the full length. But if you are in need of thongs for your child then these are the types of ones you should be going for. No lace, no see-thru, just cute children's thongs suitable for girls as young as 8.