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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Thongs for the summer 2009

OK girls, summers here and the more revealing clothes come out of the wardrobe again. So your choice of underwear is now a major concern again especially with your choice of summer clothes. It's the end a May and the weather is beautiful, but now coats and jackets are left at home. It didn't take long but it seems girls are already forgetting to check the back of there jeans and skirts again, revealing some summer themed thongs and g-strings.

If you decide to wear your white linen skirt or trousers for the day just remember to wear a thong as your knickers will show up, especially in direct sun light even if they ain't quit see-through. Stick to good old biege or flesh coloured thongs and g-strings and keep the floral and dark colour undies at home. I have to remind you also to wear good old cotton thongs during the hot days to avoid itching and discomfort.

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