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Sunday, 31 May 2009

My Teens First Thong | from a mothers point of view

I recently recieved an email from a mother requestiing some advice on her 11 year old daughter wanting to wear thongs for the first time. Mum is unsure and needs further advice before allowing her pre-teen daughter to wear this type of underwear. But of course like most mums she would prefer a few ideas on some alternative underwear rather than a thong. I am always pleased to help parents out with some help and advice on this delicate topic so here's my advice for you.

You must understand your daughter is wanting to wear thongs for a number a reasons and is absolutely not connected to sex whatsoever, especially at her age. She may see you wearing them, her friends do or she may see girls in the changing rooms wearing them. Any girls at this age still in primary school are very influential and will do whatever there friends are doing, just to be cool. Wanting to wear thongs to her is simply a fashion essential, she see's them as absolutely nothing else but girls underwear.

I can suggest a few alternatives for you but you must understand this might not go down well with her as she may have her heart set on thongs, so frilly knickers will make no difference. Firstly though, see if she will opt for big girls knickers from Marks & Spencer, New Look or Top Shop with full brief coverage. There are plenty of knickers out there that provide a nice cut but don't look like grannie panties. You may also suggest tangas, they are like thongs but they are full coverage but have strings on the side. Bigger but popular with girls are boyshorts, some girls don't like these however as they provide more material than you need.

If she is still wanting some undies that go up the bum, maybe you could consider some french knickers, the cotton kind but absolutely no lace. The back part cuts above cheeks and runs inside the bum. Well french knickers are nothing like thongs, she may be more willing seeing as they do cut inside the bottom but nothing revealing like thongs. You have full coverage in the front, sides and the back with just a little bum cleavage near the bottom.

If you permit your daughter to wear thongs you must put down some ground rules, If she goes against them then you can take the thongs away. Thongs require the wearer to be responsible as thongs tend to showmore, and young girls are not to concerned about there underwear showing. Firstly she must keep the thong covered inside her jeans or trousers. If the thong shows at the back or a little string is revealed take them away from her. Visible panty lines are a concern with thongs just as much so be sure her trousers or skirt are not to thin the thong line shows, also white linin skirts and bottoms are an abolute no.

It's fair to say young girls as young as 9 are wearing thongs to school but you should put a ban on the wearing thongs to primary school. In primary school girls get changed in the classroom and if she's the only one wearing them she could become the talk of the school. On days of the week when she has no P.E. it might not be such a problem, but only you can judge on that taking into consideration her school uniform. If its an all in one dress or a knee high skirt, if she plays handstands or cartwheels in the playground will they show. Wearing trousers to school is no problem and worn with her school jumper or cardigan they will provide extra coverage from her lower back, bottom area. Once she's fully trained on the fundamentals of thong wearing and the responsiblities that come a long with them, then she can start wearing them.

There are a number of thongs suitable for children and some are actaully marketed towards her age group. Do not buy lacey or see-through thongs for her that should be worn by women. Buy thongs that look like her normal knickers from the front with cute bows and hearts. Don't buy g-strings and be sure the bit in the back that goes in the bum is fairly wide. High waisted thongs can be a major problem with revealing over the trousers so buy normal styles or hispers thongs, this way the thong is never likely to show above her waist line.

Thongs with 100% cotton are always the choice for every girl and provide the most comfort, especially the part that runs through the bottom. The stretchier the material the better. You should also consider the thickness of the thong seem, thick seems can cause discomfort but can also reveal the thong through clothes even more. The final desicion is now up to you, if your daughter is a responsible girl and follows your wishes then you should grant her persmission to wear them. If she is the kind of girl with the don't care attitude then best leave her with her normal knickers for a few more years to come.

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