How can I ask my mum for a thong... What is VPL... What thong to Wear... and Are Thongs comfortable. Here's some of the problems I intend to solve for you girls and women looking for underwear help and advice.

Monday, 16 February 2009

SugaPlum Shop for Teen Underwear

Dispite this online shop receiving a large amount of criticism from the media with the selling of adult underwear to teenager girls, SugaPlum is the shop for girls looking to buy thongs online targeted towards our age group. In fact, dispite the media writing up the usual rubbish to create a story, the underwear selection looks just like it should be worn be younger girls. I see know reason how they think this is adult lingerie just because there's a bit of lace here and there.

SugaPlum provide a wide range of girls knickers in various fun styles and colours which are suitable for girls much younger than teens. Then there's there small thong range. No skimpy g-strings or full lace, just bits of girly lace on the seams which most girls wear these days anyways. The thongs provide full coverage and can be worn with your jeans and skirts. If there is a place buy thongs with your mum, then checkout SugaPlum for all your underwear needs.

How to avoid Visible Panty Lines Video

This is my last video find of the day. Take a look at great tips on how to avoid the dreaded visible panty line (also know as VPL, Knickerlines and Visible Knicker Lines). The video takes you through various kinds of women's underwear and the best choice for your trousers or skirts. Most noticibly, it's vital you where flesh, or nude coloured thongs under white see through trousers and skirts. Wearing thongs or knickers with your skin tone will virtually hide any visible underwear. White thongs WILL show under white.

How to choose a pair of Knickers video

Well the video is called "How to Choose a Pair of Panties" but being as im British, I'll go with the good old knickers reference : ) Anyways, this is a great video for you girls looking to buy the perfect pair of knickers. Apart from the thong you may also be interested in trying out all kinds of undies for your various outfits. For example the thong is great for trousers and skirts where VPL is seen and boyshorts are great for bed. Be sure to leave a comment if you need something cleared up.

How to pick out the right thong video

Here's a nifty little video for you girls looking to pick out your very first thong to wear. The video provides a detailed look on the styles of thongs and g-strings including the materials available. Take a look and leave a comment if you have any questions need answering.