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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Do you girls know what VTL is?

Having been away for some time I have picked up something you girls may find interesting. Forget Visible Panty Lines (VPL) us girls dread, the thong now has it own name... the VTL (also known as Visible Thong Line). That's right just like Panty lines (or knickerlines known to some of you) our thong line visible through our skirts and trousers are called VTL. But this is something only a few girls notice.

Basically, just because we're wearing thongs to get rid of VPL, we are not completely getting rid of our underwear lines visible underneathe. We are actually creating a new line in the shape of a "V" when wearing a g-string or a larger thong line for us girls wearing bigger styles of thongs.

This issue has been a problem of mine since I started wearing thongs some time back. I would always look in the bathroom mirror making sure my thong lines ain't showing through my trousers when going out or even my school skirt or trousers when im getting ready for school in the morning. To take care of the VTL look I always found pulling my thong up a little higher seem to do the trick but it wasn't always possible to get rid of.

This is a great example to you girls hiding your thong from mum, although you might do a great job hiding the actaul thong from her, she could very well see your Visible Thong Lines when your walking around the house or bending over. Bending over makes your trousers and skirts tight on your bum so any thong line will show.

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