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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Where to Shop and Buy Thongs

Well, if the shop sells clothing for women, then you can buy thongs there. I have provided you a few high street shops that may be in your area and a few trusted online shops I have purchased for my self or others.


Figleaves I think is the largest lingerie shop on the internet. They sell a huge range of thongs and g-strings and you can narrow your search with there options. I brought a few thongs from there with my mums debit card (with permission of course) and they arrived a couple of days later. Although the top brands are quite pricey, you can really find some cheaper thongs for sale.

La Senza
I have never shopped from La Senza before as they don't have a shop on my high street which is very disappointing. But looking on there website they really do have a great range of thongs for us girls and most noteably, they offer free uk delivery which is always nice, but you do have to spend more than £35.00.

I never realised Top Shop had a website until late last year, and I even worked there. I suppose I didn't think to look as I always shop from there in town. And although there shops sell a great range of thongs, you will find a great collection on there website you will just love. They have a really fun and colourful range.

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bec said...

I've bought some nice underwear from Daisy Maze before. It's all teen sizing and they are pretty cheap!