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Saturday, 19 April 2008

What's the difference between a thong and g-string

Even to this day, I here this question asked amongst girls all the time. What's the difference between a thong and g-string? If you already wear thongs then it's quite possibly you already know what a g-string is from your friends. I instantly knew which was which as I saw a similar article about this some time ago.

A Thong is quite heavily made up in fabric. For example both sides of a thong are quite thick, this can be anything from 1cm to a huge 10 cms (I don't know inches im afraid LOL). Also, you may notice the front of the thong covering your personals to be very wide and covers everything. Most importantly the back of the thong is usually very wide, between 1cm to 4 cms. Although I have to say the wide ones can be quite uncomfortable.

The G-String rarely has any fabric, instead the front and back of the g-string is kept together with strings. The front of the g-string is smaller than a thong and can be very norrow. Sometimes your personals can slightly show on both sides of the front but of course this is the style of them. The string on both side of the g-string connect commonly to a triangle at the back. Then at the bottom of the triangle, the string goes through your bum then connects to the crotch (this part of the string actually looks like a G, so that's why its called a G-String).

So, to some it up, thongs have thick material all around including the sides and back. Well G-String have strings all around, apart from the front covering your personals and the little triangle at the back. But if you're going for comfort, buy a thong with just a narrow peice at the back that goes in your bum. You know what its like when your knickers bunch up in your bum, well thick backs of thongs can be just as painful. With G-strings though, although some are comfy, for the beginner, you may find them to be a bit stringy with to much movement in the bum area. Stick to thongs at first as they keep in place in the bum and don't make you scratch.


Anonymous said...

Helo. I am a young man. And i love wearing womans underwear. What are the best womans underwear for men? Full panties? Thongs? Or g-steings?

Anonymous said...

I like thongs a lot but that's just me I would also say g strings are good to

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest. Ho on Amazon and order a silk thing made for men. They are so comfortable, and they are made for us.