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Sunday, 20 April 2008

What Thong to Buy

As it's the first time your wearing a thong, I have provided you a few suggestions on the most appropriate and most comfortable thongs to look out for on the high street or online. Thongs and G-Strings very, some are comfy some ain't. Just like knickers really.

What to Avoid

No Lace - Out of all my thongs I own I don't owe one lace thong to my name. I always hear lacey thongs, especially lacy g-strings is like wearing cheese wire, and the romours we're right. After trying on my very first lace thong, it felt like my personals were being cheese crated through the little holes in the lace. And on top of that there was no stretchy bit in the part that goes up your bum. Therefore whenever I sat down it got very tight and really did hurt me. So avoid lace at every cost. One for thing, the front part doesn't seem to cup your crotch, its just like a peice of material with no style to it whatsoever.

G-Strings - Don't get me wrong g-strings can be very comfortable, but with there being so many available, more than thongs I think, you are more likely to waste your money on an uncomfy g-string. The string that goes in the back does indeed feel like it sounds, I string in your butt. Because it's so thin it's more prone to rub and it does irritate after a while. Also, with this small string in your bum, it's more likely to move around more, causing more discomfort.

What to Buy

- When you buy your very first thong, always make sure the material that goes inside your bum is atleast 2 cm (centremeters) wide. Under 2cm I find it starts to get a little more uncomfortable as the feeling starts to feel more like cheesewire, but thick thong backs can be painful to. Also, with both sides of the thong it sits better and is less likely to dig in. And again, the front is larger, providing more coverage and keeps your bits in place. Small parts in the crotch area can cause your lady gardern to spill out of the sides. So if is wide in that area everything will stay in place.

Larger Size - I am currently a size 6 in underwear, but actually wear a size 8. I do have size 6 in undies and they fit very well. But I also find a larger size up allows my skin to breath and it doesn't dig into my waist or around the private areas. So girls, always consider buying thongs in your real size and one size up. If its to large then your original size should be fine.

Just Cotton - For your very first thong, or even after that, cotton underwear is always a winner with me everytime. Forget about lace, silk or whatever, some of these materials can really course you to sweat down there in your undies. Cottom allows your skin to breath and is very light, perfect if your wearing thongs.

Thin Materials - If you were to buy a cotton thong for example, always, always, buy the ones that are thin, light with small seams. I find the finner the thong the better. Remember, the whole point of the thong is comfort, avoid VPL and to avoid wedgies. If the materials is to thick then the bit that goes in your bum will feel like a knickers wedgy and also the VPL will stand out a mile.

Thong Seams - When you buy a thong, the seem must be thin, soft and have no chance of digging in your skin. Some of my thongs have a narrow hard material seam and it digs in like anything. So instead I wear thongs with thin seams well at the same time its quite narrow and soft, so its less likely to dig in and irritate me.


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