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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Most Popular Thong to Buy in the UK

As you girls will be interested in buying your first thong, you may be undecided which ones to buy. Well, any place like New Look or Top Shop sell a wonderful selection of thongs and g-strings for as little as £1.00 each. Which ever thongs you like, then that's perfectly fine, we all have our own tastes. But if you're buying your very first thong, you may need a little inspiration when it comes to choosing as you may feel a little lost with all the ones available. Many of my friends wear different kinds of thongs in all shapes and colours we don't really have the same taste. Having a discussion with my friends we have all noticed that a plain black g-string is the most widely purchased g-string/thong.

I am no expert and I couldn't tell you for certain that is, I'm not a marekting company remember LOL but in school, in shops and the dreaded thong peek I often see with women around town has always revealed a black g-string (like the one shown above). I can only find Playboy thongs to be available in this type although there are plenty of other similar g-strings available to buy. But I have found most of them to be lacey and only suitable for much older women I feel.

Anyways, if you don't like these styles of g-strings, that's not a problem. If you follow trends then this g-string its the best option. But remember to shop for comfort, it doesn't matter what everyone else is wearing, your not showing it off after all.

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