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Saturday, 19 April 2008

I was embarrassed to ask my mum for a thong

So why do we girls get so embarrassed to ask our mothers for a thong. Well, the reasons I had for being to embarrassed to ask for a thong was because I thought my mum would think I wanted to be like these women we saw on a TV programme together with this women in a thong having sex, im not sure what it was called but I was there catching this scene with her as she was switching the telly over, and she didn't look impressed. So for me when I considered asking my mum for my first thong, I would always imagine she would picture this programme and look at me in disguss, it actually frightened me with the thought of it as im really close to my mum, or mummy when no ones around ; )

Anyways, I was about 12 coming on 13 and for the last few months a really really wanted to start wearing thongs. My friends already started and kept going on about VLP and ugly granny knickers. At the time I was wearing tangas, you know the knickers with strings on the side. So I wanted thongs badly and I needed to ask my mum. For months, almost everyday I would consider asking her, but never got the courage

But now and again we're both get into the underwear conversation and she would mention I need new knickers. I always thought she end up in Tesco picking out more tangas for me as she knew I liked them. So finally, on the Friday night before we were due to go to town the next day, I suggested I if could have a few different kinds of knickers this time instead of my usuals, and she agreed. Anyways we were in Woolworths girls section by the underwear, I know Woolworths for underwear, bad ain't it LOL.

So I said there's nothing here I like, she was quite persistant saying they have gorgeous knickers. But little did she know I was interested thongs. So I just said it "mum can I try the underwear the girls at school are wearing." She said what kind, and I said you know the ones that go up your bum I forgot what there called (I never forgot I was just playing innocent). But wow, I really did get a shock, she actaully said something like ooooooooohhhhhh thongs, of course you can. She even suggested we go to new look I was like thanks mum casually, playing it cool. But deep down inside I was so, so relieved.

So I went into New Look straight to the undies section with my mum and she let me chose a couple. Well she was sitting on this cushion thing I was there picking out about 8 thongs. I didn't just chose any, I chose ones that might match my bras as I don't like mismatched undies. I'm kind of like my mum that way LOL. Well when I was finding some good ones my mum comes up behind me and picks up a thong, I was thinking nah I don't like that one, but she said maybe I should try one for my work trousers lol eeeeeerrrrrrrrrr. But thankfully she put it back and picked out some nice knickers instead. I was so relieved she didn't buy a thong like me.

Anyways, that's how I start wearing thongs, I hope this helps some of you girls out when approaching your mum and not getting to embarrassed.

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Anonymous said...

My mum and I still shop for lingerie together, I'm 17 and we're not embarrassed or awkward. I bought a new thong today!