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Saturday, 19 April 2008

How to keep your thong clean

This is quite a sensitive subject for any girl, but believe me it's so much worth it with my handy little tip. With knickers they hardly show any marks (eeew), simply because your knickers are kept away from the booty area. But this isn't to say your clean in that region.

But for thongs it's a hole different story. The material passes through your bum over your booty and potentially passes the unmentionables onto your thong or g-string. This is embarrassing for any girl and can be avoided ever so easy.

Take my advice girls, use wet toilet paper when ever you wipe as it keeps your bum nice and clean all day long. For the last five or so years, I always wipe my bum with wet toilet paper and finish off with a couple of dry toilet papers to get rid of the wetness. Thankfully, our toliet is next to the sink in the upstairs and downstairs toilet, so its easy to run water on the tap.

I know this is a touchy area girls, but believe me it will make you feel so much better if you use wet toilet paper. Just be sure you dry your bum properly.

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