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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Hiding Thongs from your Mum

If you'll thinking about hiding your thongs from your mum and maybe hiding them in the back of your drawer and washing them in the sink, this isn't a good idea for many reasons, but some of you may feel the need to regardless. First thing, mums know absolutely every about there daughters and will find out sooner or later. But just take a look at some reasons below for hiding thongs from your parents and why it may not be a good idea.

  • You will forever have to keep concealing your thong from showing over your trousers or skirts when you bend over or sit down around the house in front of your family.
  • You will have to make sure your clothes ain't see-through as your thong will become visible through your pants and skirts.
  • A Visible Thong Line or VTL, as I've heard it been called will show and your mum may figure our your wearing a thong simply by seeing a triangle forming a thong like shape.
  • Your mum isn't daft, she will start to wonder why your knickers ain't showing up in the laundry, and she may think your wearing no knickers, which isn't good thing your own mum thinking of you this way. She may even ask to check to see if your wearing undies, and of course this will reveal your wearing a thong.
  • You don't just need to hide it from your mum, your sister or brother may grass you up as its very likely they will see it sooner or later. You may not take them into consideration when hiding your thong.
  • If you hide your thong somewhere in your bedroom such as the back of the closet, back of your udnerwear drawer or perhaps in a box, your mum may discover it accidently when she's cleaning up your room. Mum's tend to do this without asking so it unavoidable.
  • If you ever had hidden your thong undies from your mum before you will probably have washed your thong in the sink when no ones home. But where do you air dry it. Whether its the radiator or hanging up in your closet, this will really show and be out in the open for someone to discover.
This is just a few reasons why hiding your thong from your mum isn't a good thing. It can be such a pain to constantly hide the top of the thong from showing and making sure they don't become visible any other way. If you do indeed hide your thongs from your mum, then I highly suggest you ask if you can start wearing a thong. This way if you do get caught she will know you had interest in them before, you will also get her view on thongs and this might be a good time to ask for one.


Anonymous said...

I never needed to hide things from my mum, we are open. She likes thongs too!

Anonymous said...

My Mother and I shop for thongs together as well and we are both Christians. <3