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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Asking Dad for a Thong

Well, this isn't a subject I would expect girls to talk to there dad about, there underwear. For me, I really do believe this discussion about thongs should be strickly with mum. Anything else, shirts, trousers and shoes they have no interest anyways. Skirts they may as they would certainly not like there young girls wearing short, short skirts, which is fair enough.

But for girls, underwear is ment for girl talk. But many of you girls may have no choice, perhaps your living with your dad or maybe your mums away for the week. If you can't wait until then I don't believe you need to ask him regardless.

If dad does the laundry, this is perfect. Just tell him hey dad im going shopping with friends, I'll see you later. Then buy thongs, wear them, stick them in the laundry basket, and when dads due to do your laundy, go out for an hour, come home and see what he says after discovering your thongs in the basket.

I believe one of two things may happen. He will indeed comment on them but you can brush that aside and say you've been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and you haven't said anything before. With that in mind, he will most likely just pass your undies from the basket to the washing machine to the dryer without realising they are thongs. This is great because you can say it again, I've been wearing them for a while and you haven't said anything.

He may also hang them up on the washing line or perhaps the airer in the house, or the radiator of course. This is how he's more likely to discover them. So if he doesn't see them first time, he may catch them later when he's sorting them out. So the best thing to do is going out for a few hours, come home and he will unlikely say anything.

If he does mention them and he really does have a problem, just say they are really comfortable but I don't feel comfortable talking about my undies with my dad, its weird. And rightly so, it is a little strange.

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