How can I ask my mum for a thong... What is VPL... What thong to Wear... and Are Thongs comfortable. Here's some of the problems I intend to solve for you girls and women looking for underwear help and advice.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Do you girls know what VTL is?

Having been away for some time I have picked up something you girls may find interesting. Forget Visible Panty Lines (VPL) us girls dread, the thong now has it own name... the VTL (also known as Visible Thong Line). That's right just like Panty lines (or knickerlines known to some of you) our thong line visible through our skirts and trousers are called VTL. But this is something only a few girls notice.

Basically, just because we're wearing thongs to get rid of VPL, we are not completely getting rid of our underwear lines visible underneathe. We are actually creating a new line in the shape of a "V" when wearing a g-string or a larger thong line for us girls wearing bigger styles of thongs.

This issue has been a problem of mine since I started wearing thongs some time back. I would always look in the bathroom mirror making sure my thong lines ain't showing through my trousers when going out or even my school skirt or trousers when im getting ready for school in the morning. To take care of the VTL look I always found pulling my thong up a little higher seem to do the trick but it wasn't always possible to get rid of.

This is a great example to you girls hiding your thong from mum, although you might do a great job hiding the actaul thong from her, she could very well see your Visible Thong Lines when your walking around the house or bending over. Bending over makes your trousers and skirts tight on your bum so any thong line will show.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Asking Dad for a Thong

Well, this isn't a subject I would expect girls to talk to there dad about, there underwear. For me, I really do believe this discussion about thongs should be strickly with mum. Anything else, shirts, trousers and shoes they have no interest anyways. Skirts they may as they would certainly not like there young girls wearing short, short skirts, which is fair enough.

But for girls, underwear is ment for girl talk. But many of you girls may have no choice, perhaps your living with your dad or maybe your mums away for the week. If you can't wait until then I don't believe you need to ask him regardless.

If dad does the laundry, this is perfect. Just tell him hey dad im going shopping with friends, I'll see you later. Then buy thongs, wear them, stick them in the laundry basket, and when dads due to do your laundy, go out for an hour, come home and see what he says after discovering your thongs in the basket.

I believe one of two things may happen. He will indeed comment on them but you can brush that aside and say you've been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and you haven't said anything before. With that in mind, he will most likely just pass your undies from the basket to the washing machine to the dryer without realising they are thongs. This is great because you can say it again, I've been wearing them for a while and you haven't said anything.

He may also hang them up on the washing line or perhaps the airer in the house, or the radiator of course. This is how he's more likely to discover them. So if he doesn't see them first time, he may catch them later when he's sorting them out. So the best thing to do is going out for a few hours, come home and he will unlikely say anything.

If he does mention them and he really does have a problem, just say they are really comfortable but I don't feel comfortable talking about my undies with my dad, its weird. And rightly so, it is a little strange.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Where to Shop and Buy Thongs

Well, if the shop sells clothing for women, then you can buy thongs there. I have provided you a few high street shops that may be in your area and a few trusted online shops I have purchased for my self or others.


Figleaves I think is the largest lingerie shop on the internet. They sell a huge range of thongs and g-strings and you can narrow your search with there options. I brought a few thongs from there with my mums debit card (with permission of course) and they arrived a couple of days later. Although the top brands are quite pricey, you can really find some cheaper thongs for sale.

La Senza
I have never shopped from La Senza before as they don't have a shop on my high street which is very disappointing. But looking on there website they really do have a great range of thongs for us girls and most noteably, they offer free uk delivery which is always nice, but you do have to spend more than £35.00.

I never realised Top Shop had a website until late last year, and I even worked there. I suppose I didn't think to look as I always shop from there in town. And although there shops sell a great range of thongs, you will find a great collection on there website you will just love. They have a really fun and colourful range.

What Thong to Buy

As it's the first time your wearing a thong, I have provided you a few suggestions on the most appropriate and most comfortable thongs to look out for on the high street or online. Thongs and G-Strings very, some are comfy some ain't. Just like knickers really.

What to Avoid

No Lace - Out of all my thongs I own I don't owe one lace thong to my name. I always hear lacey thongs, especially lacy g-strings is like wearing cheese wire, and the romours we're right. After trying on my very first lace thong, it felt like my personals were being cheese crated through the little holes in the lace. And on top of that there was no stretchy bit in the part that goes up your bum. Therefore whenever I sat down it got very tight and really did hurt me. So avoid lace at every cost. One for thing, the front part doesn't seem to cup your crotch, its just like a peice of material with no style to it whatsoever.

G-Strings - Don't get me wrong g-strings can be very comfortable, but with there being so many available, more than thongs I think, you are more likely to waste your money on an uncomfy g-string. The string that goes in the back does indeed feel like it sounds, I string in your butt. Because it's so thin it's more prone to rub and it does irritate after a while. Also, with this small string in your bum, it's more likely to move around more, causing more discomfort.

What to Buy

- When you buy your very first thong, always make sure the material that goes inside your bum is atleast 2 cm (centremeters) wide. Under 2cm I find it starts to get a little more uncomfortable as the feeling starts to feel more like cheesewire, but thick thong backs can be painful to. Also, with both sides of the thong it sits better and is less likely to dig in. And again, the front is larger, providing more coverage and keeps your bits in place. Small parts in the crotch area can cause your lady gardern to spill out of the sides. So if is wide in that area everything will stay in place.

Larger Size - I am currently a size 6 in underwear, but actually wear a size 8. I do have size 6 in undies and they fit very well. But I also find a larger size up allows my skin to breath and it doesn't dig into my waist or around the private areas. So girls, always consider buying thongs in your real size and one size up. If its to large then your original size should be fine.

Just Cotton - For your very first thong, or even after that, cotton underwear is always a winner with me everytime. Forget about lace, silk or whatever, some of these materials can really course you to sweat down there in your undies. Cottom allows your skin to breath and is very light, perfect if your wearing thongs.

Thin Materials - If you were to buy a cotton thong for example, always, always, buy the ones that are thin, light with small seams. I find the finner the thong the better. Remember, the whole point of the thong is comfort, avoid VPL and to avoid wedgies. If the materials is to thick then the bit that goes in your bum will feel like a knickers wedgy and also the VPL will stand out a mile.

Thong Seams - When you buy a thong, the seem must be thin, soft and have no chance of digging in your skin. Some of my thongs have a narrow hard material seam and it digs in like anything. So instead I wear thongs with thin seams well at the same time its quite narrow and soft, so its less likely to dig in and irritate me.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Most Popular Thong to Buy in the UK

As you girls will be interested in buying your first thong, you may be undecided which ones to buy. Well, any place like New Look or Top Shop sell a wonderful selection of thongs and g-strings for as little as £1.00 each. Which ever thongs you like, then that's perfectly fine, we all have our own tastes. But if you're buying your very first thong, you may need a little inspiration when it comes to choosing as you may feel a little lost with all the ones available. Many of my friends wear different kinds of thongs in all shapes and colours we don't really have the same taste. Having a discussion with my friends we have all noticed that a plain black g-string is the most widely purchased g-string/thong.

I am no expert and I couldn't tell you for certain that is, I'm not a marekting company remember LOL but in school, in shops and the dreaded thong peek I often see with women around town has always revealed a black g-string (like the one shown above). I can only find Playboy thongs to be available in this type although there are plenty of other similar g-strings available to buy. But I have found most of them to be lacey and only suitable for much older women I feel.

Anyways, if you don't like these styles of g-strings, that's not a problem. If you follow trends then this g-string its the best option. But remember to shop for comfort, it doesn't matter what everyone else is wearing, your not showing it off after all.

Hiding Thongs from your Mum

If you'll thinking about hiding your thongs from your mum and maybe hiding them in the back of your drawer and washing them in the sink, this isn't a good idea for many reasons, but some of you may feel the need to regardless. First thing, mums know absolutely every about there daughters and will find out sooner or later. But just take a look at some reasons below for hiding thongs from your parents and why it may not be a good idea.

  • You will forever have to keep concealing your thong from showing over your trousers or skirts when you bend over or sit down around the house in front of your family.
  • You will have to make sure your clothes ain't see-through as your thong will become visible through your pants and skirts.
  • A Visible Thong Line or VTL, as I've heard it been called will show and your mum may figure our your wearing a thong simply by seeing a triangle forming a thong like shape.
  • Your mum isn't daft, she will start to wonder why your knickers ain't showing up in the laundry, and she may think your wearing no knickers, which isn't good thing your own mum thinking of you this way. She may even ask to check to see if your wearing undies, and of course this will reveal your wearing a thong.
  • You don't just need to hide it from your mum, your sister or brother may grass you up as its very likely they will see it sooner or later. You may not take them into consideration when hiding your thong.
  • If you hide your thong somewhere in your bedroom such as the back of the closet, back of your udnerwear drawer or perhaps in a box, your mum may discover it accidently when she's cleaning up your room. Mum's tend to do this without asking so it unavoidable.
  • If you ever had hidden your thong undies from your mum before you will probably have washed your thong in the sink when no ones home. But where do you air dry it. Whether its the radiator or hanging up in your closet, this will really show and be out in the open for someone to discover.
This is just a few reasons why hiding your thong from your mum isn't a good thing. It can be such a pain to constantly hide the top of the thong from showing and making sure they don't become visible any other way. If you do indeed hide your thongs from your mum, then I highly suggest you ask if you can start wearing a thong. This way if you do get caught she will know you had interest in them before, you will also get her view on thongs and this might be a good time to ask for one.

How to Ask Your Mum for a Thong

So, you're finally at that time in your life where you have a sudden interest in wearing thongs. This is completely normal girls. So many women, young and old wear thongs these days they have become a norm, like knickers and boyshorts, there just looked at like another type of underwear. However, as you may know, not all people think so, I have heard women saying how young girls should not be wearing thongs, there for adults, strippers wear them, etc. And not surprisingly this will make you feel embarrassed to ask your mum incase she feels the same and tells you off for asking.

But, you know your mum better than anyone else, do you feel she will react this way or do you think she will reason with you. Once you've made up your mind it's then time to ask. But don't worry girls I have provided you a few ideas for asking your mom for a thong without sounding desperate. What I mean is don't just spring it on your mum, you need a reason for wanting to wear a thong whether its because you heard they were comfy, to avoid VPL or perhaps your getting picked on at school for wearing granny panties. Please read my suggestions below carefully but please leave a question if you're are still unsure.

First thing, Why do you want to wear a Thong?
Before you even thing about asking your mum for a thong, you need a reason. You can't just say hey mum I want a thong, she may ask what for. So if she comes back and says why... you already have a reason if this happens. Most girls age 12-16 usually want to wear a thong because they just do, no reason. But to convince someone like your mum this may not be enough. But of course if you're a grown women then there no need to ask your parents.

How to ask your Mum for a Thong
Please take a look at a few ideas I have suggested below and what you can say when you ask your mum for a thong. Some are quite simple but you may need to act up a little. But there is nothing wrong with this, although it many not be completely honest, this can actually be a good reason to wear a thong.

VPL - Visible Panty Lines - Panty lines are simply the seam of your knickers showing through under your trousers or skirts. This is very common with girls and is possible we will all get it with the wrong trousers sooner or later. But with the invention of a thong, its has no panty lines just a triangle at the top. The part that would usually show is concealed in your bum showing no lines across your backside. This makes your bum look so much smoother instead of ungly old pantylines acros your cheeks. So when you ask your mum, just tell her if you can try a thong to get rid of the panty lines in your favourite pants or perhaps your school trousers. It may even be a great idea to wear a pair of trousers when asking that show your panty lines very clearly, you can then show her and she will know what you mean.

Friends are wearing Thongs - Whatever you do, don't just come out and say my friends are wearing thongs so I want to. Some mums don't like there daughters being influanced by others and will just come out and say something like no, you shouldn't wear thongs just because your friends are. And she is right, but you can instead say can I try thongs because my friends do and they swear by them.

There are more Comfortable - But if you haven't warn thongs before how would you know. That's what your mum would likely say. So instead ask her if thongs are comfortable, then quickly move on and say (insert your friends name here) thinks there really comfortable even more comfortable than knickers. She may say no they ain't but you can say how would you know, you don't wear them do you. If she doesn't then she may let you get one to try without wasting your mony. Some mums look at them as just being uncomfortable, and would never dream about wearing them. So they assume there daughter isn't going to find them comfy either.

Girls Make Fun of You - This is an excuse you should use if it has some truth to it, as your mum may find out the truth by your other friends or possibly your school teacher. But most likely she will never know. She may however find this to be a concern, and may suggest sorting out the bullies picking on you. But say no, its OK mum, if I just wore a thong instead then its not an issue with them and they won't even mention it again.

How to start a Thong Discussion with your Mum
What ever you do just don't come out and say it, take it slowly and think through what your going to say. For some mothers you actually can just ask, but others you may not feel the courage and be brave enough to just ask for a thong. Instead, you can influance the conversation that eventaully turns into thong talk with your mum, and the magic words: Mum, can I have a thong. Take a look at my thong discussion starters below.
  • Start talking about needing new undies, from there you can start talking about what styles are available and ask your mum which ones she likes. You can show her a product page of underwear from an online shop selling underwear, but first make sure the undies displaying are cute and respectibe for teenage girls. If she picks out a couple, you can then say I like this one and this one and this one. You can point out a thong along the way and see how she reacts. But make sure she knows its a thong, or it's not worth it.
  • You may want to point out to her and say hey mum I can see your underwear lines, I get it all the time is so embarrassing when people can see. Once again your into a an underwear conversation and from there you can start talking thongs. Say, lots of girls at school wear thongs to get rid of them but im not sure if I could wear them, its it OK if I gave them a try and see if they get rid of my underwear lines.
  • Finally, if your into dance, you take sports such as netball, hockey, or similar, a thong may be required. You can come home and say mum I've been asked to get a thong before the next game. My coach/teacher mentioned that we need to prevent uncomfortable wedgies, but if you take up dance, you can say your teacher doesn't like panty lines showing and would prefer if the girls can wear something like a thong to avoid the VLP. Don't make out your teacher is mean and you must wearone or you can't dance. But if your mum see's your teacher often, then this may not be a good idea when asking for a thong.
A Thong is not for Boys or to be Sexy
If you really do want a thong for this reason, then I would have no respect for you, and I don't provide this information for that type of girl. When the thong sticks out the back of your jeans it's a real concern and it not sexy or clever. Many people, including myself, do not like this one bit and we make every effort to prevent it. It's possible it can happen accidently but for girls doing this on purpose is just nasty, just nasty. It sends out the wrong message and people will have words with you and even tell your off, and rightly so.

Wearing thongs this way is so 2003, and no one does it anymore. But I can tell you this, a sign of a thong showing above your trousers or jeans on purpose is an obvious way of knowing a girl has only starting wearing a thong. I know this by experience as some of my friends done it when they first started to wear thongs, but I can say I have not seen so much as a peek from them in the last few years, but they are older and mature now.

Hide behind a Door when you ask
Do you know, it's so much easier to talk to someone about sensitive subjects such as this one when they or you are stuck behind a closed door. This is the perfect time for you to ask your mum for a thong. Wait until she gets in the bath or maybe she's on the toilet doing you know what, and you can then go ahead and use one of our reasons from above then move on to ask for a thong. You can't have to see the expression on her face and you won't feel confronted.

First time I wore a thong

I was really quite young the first time I wore a thong, I think I was between 9 and 10 years old. Then I didn't start wearing them regularly until I was about 12, nearly 13. But the funny thing is I think I wore one when I was about 9 or 10. I know I can't remember... silly ain't it... but I was young and I only wore it once. See between ages 9-10 I took dance, and for some outfits VPL was a big issue even back then. So I think (I think) my my brought me a thong to avoid the lines of my underwear but decided not to let me wear it after the first time as I never sore it again. I heard my mum talking to my dance teacher about appropriate undies for dance so I think this is how it come about.

My dance cossie had a few layers so my mum always helped me get dressed, so this is how I ended up in this white thong with a picture on the front (not sure what it was, like a rabbit or a mouse or something LOL) . The only way I knew it was a thong because when I ajusted my trousers in the hall way I couldn't find the back of my knickers, just a piece of material at the top which went in to my bum LOL. I remember attempted to pull it out but I kept finding this narrow peice of material. But even now im surprised I never felt it with this peice of cotton up my bum.

But I think maybe my mum thought it was not right for me so that was the last time I wore it, but I never heard my mum mention it once.

I was embarrassed to ask my mum for a thong

So why do we girls get so embarrassed to ask our mothers for a thong. Well, the reasons I had for being to embarrassed to ask for a thong was because I thought my mum would think I wanted to be like these women we saw on a TV programme together with this women in a thong having sex, im not sure what it was called but I was there catching this scene with her as she was switching the telly over, and she didn't look impressed. So for me when I considered asking my mum for my first thong, I would always imagine she would picture this programme and look at me in disguss, it actually frightened me with the thought of it as im really close to my mum, or mummy when no ones around ; )

Anyways, I was about 12 coming on 13 and for the last few months a really really wanted to start wearing thongs. My friends already started and kept going on about VLP and ugly granny knickers. At the time I was wearing tangas, you know the knickers with strings on the side. So I wanted thongs badly and I needed to ask my mum. For months, almost everyday I would consider asking her, but never got the courage

But now and again we're both get into the underwear conversation and she would mention I need new knickers. I always thought she end up in Tesco picking out more tangas for me as she knew I liked them. So finally, on the Friday night before we were due to go to town the next day, I suggested I if could have a few different kinds of knickers this time instead of my usuals, and she agreed. Anyways we were in Woolworths girls section by the underwear, I know Woolworths for underwear, bad ain't it LOL.

So I said there's nothing here I like, she was quite persistant saying they have gorgeous knickers. But little did she know I was interested thongs. So I just said it "mum can I try the underwear the girls at school are wearing." She said what kind, and I said you know the ones that go up your bum I forgot what there called (I never forgot I was just playing innocent). But wow, I really did get a shock, she actaully said something like ooooooooohhhhhh thongs, of course you can. She even suggested we go to new look I was like thanks mum casually, playing it cool. But deep down inside I was so, so relieved.

So I went into New Look straight to the undies section with my mum and she let me chose a couple. Well she was sitting on this cushion thing I was there picking out about 8 thongs. I didn't just chose any, I chose ones that might match my bras as I don't like mismatched undies. I'm kind of like my mum that way LOL. Well when I was finding some good ones my mum comes up behind me and picks up a thong, I was thinking nah I don't like that one, but she said maybe I should try one for my work trousers lol eeeeeerrrrrrrrrr. But thankfully she put it back and picked out some nice knickers instead. I was so relieved she didn't buy a thong like me.

Anyways, that's how I start wearing thongs, I hope this helps some of you girls out when approaching your mum and not getting to embarrassed.

How to keep your thong clean

This is quite a sensitive subject for any girl, but believe me it's so much worth it with my handy little tip. With knickers they hardly show any marks (eeew), simply because your knickers are kept away from the booty area. But this isn't to say your clean in that region.

But for thongs it's a hole different story. The material passes through your bum over your booty and potentially passes the unmentionables onto your thong or g-string. This is embarrassing for any girl and can be avoided ever so easy.

Take my advice girls, use wet toilet paper when ever you wipe as it keeps your bum nice and clean all day long. For the last five or so years, I always wipe my bum with wet toilet paper and finish off with a couple of dry toilet papers to get rid of the wetness. Thankfully, our toliet is next to the sink in the upstairs and downstairs toilet, so its easy to run water on the tap.

I know this is a touchy area girls, but believe me it will make you feel so much better if you use wet toilet paper. Just be sure you dry your bum properly.

What's the difference between a thong and g-string

Even to this day, I here this question asked amongst girls all the time. What's the difference between a thong and g-string? If you already wear thongs then it's quite possibly you already know what a g-string is from your friends. I instantly knew which was which as I saw a similar article about this some time ago.

A Thong is quite heavily made up in fabric. For example both sides of a thong are quite thick, this can be anything from 1cm to a huge 10 cms (I don't know inches im afraid LOL). Also, you may notice the front of the thong covering your personals to be very wide and covers everything. Most importantly the back of the thong is usually very wide, between 1cm to 4 cms. Although I have to say the wide ones can be quite uncomfortable.

The G-String rarely has any fabric, instead the front and back of the g-string is kept together with strings. The front of the g-string is smaller than a thong and can be very norrow. Sometimes your personals can slightly show on both sides of the front but of course this is the style of them. The string on both side of the g-string connect commonly to a triangle at the back. Then at the bottom of the triangle, the string goes through your bum then connects to the crotch (this part of the string actually looks like a G, so that's why its called a G-String).

So, to some it up, thongs have thick material all around including the sides and back. Well G-String have strings all around, apart from the front covering your personals and the little triangle at the back. But if you're going for comfort, buy a thong with just a narrow peice at the back that goes in your bum. You know what its like when your knickers bunch up in your bum, well thick backs of thongs can be just as painful. With G-strings though, although some are comfy, for the beginner, you may find them to be a bit stringy with to much movement in the bum area. Stick to thongs at first as they keep in place in the bum and don't make you scratch.